Extra Virgin Oil Bottle «Lo Canetà» 100 ml – Variety Regués




100 ml capacity bottle. Perfect format for dressing salads, grilled vegetables, etc.


There are some trees that are masters of time: “the olive trees of the Regués variety”. With their work and wisdom David and Juanjo create a special oil, an EVOO that gives off a philosophy linked to a way of life and a commitment that passes from generation to generation and that allows an ecosystem to be kept alive.

In its fruity the vegetal notes of basil, mint, raw almond and tomato predominate; an aromatic composition that gives way to a sweet entry into the mouth with a medium bitterness and practically no spiciness. In the aftertaste, notes of hazelnut and dried fruits will easily appear. It is an EVOO with a very good balance and its color is rich in golden tones; an extra virgin that, in the pairing, takes us to the world
of desserts and pastries. For example, an apple tatin with EVOO earth and cinnamon would be a perfect execution.

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