Extra Virgin Oil Bottle «Lo Canetà» 100 ml – Variety Canetera




100 ml capacity bottle. Perfect format for dressing salads, grilled vegetables, etc.


The will to value a product, a variety, and a way of life thanks to extra virgin olive oil. This is how I would define this EVOO, once I have tasted it.

The green notes are interspersed with some flash of ripe notes, a fruity intense that easily makes you feel tomato, artichoke, banana peel green, Maria Luisa grass and arugula.

In the prudent and thoughtful mouth, like the town ́s people, it appears slightly sweet and thanks to its medium fluidity it reaches an interesting bitter and spicy on the scale of the media.

The aftertaste allows us to delight ourselves with this capital EVOO, white pepper and fruits.

Dried with shell appear giving it great complexity and good balance. Its pairing would be unfair to pigeonhole it into a single category, due to its aromatic richness and chromatic beauty rich in chlorophylls, but it is inevitable to imagine it in roasted peppers or on a cured cheese.

Sensory tasting report

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