Extra Virgin Oil Bottle «Lo Canetà» 100 ml – Variety Farga




100ml capacity bottle. Perfect format to accompany you on your travels.


The compass marks the beginning so that any composer can create his work.
When you discover the cup, you understand that on the part of Marti Roca Ecológico S.C.P., this principle is already a routine when creating their EVOOs from ancient olive trees.

In the olfactory phase we discover an intense aroma, pleasant green notes that transferred to a field full of olives trees, you can also find tomato plant, olive leaf, basil, thyme and raw almond smell.

In the mouth, its behavior is faithful to what we are perceiving on the nose, following the rhythm that marks the beat of the composition. A slightly sweet entry that it will give way to a bitter on the middle scale prelude to a spicy seducer.

The retro nasal is the moment in which the composer’s creativity breaks with the monotony of the beat accelerating the sensations and then appear: the liquorice, the nuts and especially hazelnut.

Its medium persistence highlights the perfect balance of this EVOO, endowing it with mastery of a great work. When it comes to pairing, if we rely on creating harmonies based on their complexity aromatic, the possibilities are vast; you just must imagine their behavior in warm salads with nuts, where in addition its
greenish yellow color will be added value for the dish.