We are farmers of time and heritage, with the desire to save a territory.

From a sea of olive trees you can watch the sunrise or take a walk among thousand-year-old trees.

Accompany this experience with lunches full of EVOO and laughter.

Or, if you prefer, dare to discover the landscape that Maestrazgo gives us at dusk, a canvas of stars and olive trees, with the Mediterranean breeze.

Our tours are part of the Creaturisme Programme, which seeks to promote the tourist differentiation of the Valencian Community through the creation of experiential products.


Sunset experience

Join our farmers and enjoy the impressive Maestrat sunsets on our farm

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Sunrise experience

Surrounded by olive trees, you can watch the sun rise and start a day's work in our fields.

Experience first day of campaigning

Experience a unique moment by participating first hand with the farmers in the olive harvest.

Our video experiences

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Lo Canetà

Avda. Constitució, nº 31,
Canet lo Roig,
12350, Castelló

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