Route at sunset

At the agreed time, visitors will be picked up at the main square of the village and the route will begin. We will visit the olive tree from the film of the same name. In the area of the “ratjos” we will visit several monumental olive trees, among them the “les 4 potes” olive tree, winner of the AEMO prize. While the sun goes down we will explain the history of each olive tree in particular and the whole process involved in the cultivation of olive trees in organic farming.

Monumental olive trees

The olive trees visited, and the facilities will be duly signposted so that there is no confusion, with the Castelló Ruta de Flavor and CAECV logos. The excursions can be done on foot or by vehicle, depending on the physical condition of the visitors.

Lo Canetà Products

If time permits, we will carry out a tasting of the “lo Canetà” oils, which you can also get in our store, and of other products from the area in the middle of the olive trees or in an appropriate place for the activity.


Lo Canetà

Avda. Constitució, nº 31,
Canet lo Roig,
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