First day of harvest

At the beginning of this experience, visitors will be picked up in the main square of the village and taken to a nearby plot of land.

Here we will explain the different ways of harvesting and the machinery used. The visitors will help in the harvesting of the fruit, moving bales or shaking olive trees.


Oil tasting

Weather permitting, we will have a tasting of “Lo Canetà” olive oils and other local products in the middle of the olive trees.

In case the weather conditions are not favourable, this will take place in “el palau dels Piquers”, a space equipped and equipped for the use of the visitors that the Town Hall gives us.

There, different oils from “Lo Canetà” will be available for purchase. At the end of the tasting, the visitors will have lunch at the agreed restaurant.

The oil mill

In the afternoon we will arrive at the oil mill La Varona Vella, located in Sant Mateo.

There, the olives collected during the morning will be emptied into the reception hopper, where the cleaning process begins and the oil is obtained by means of a very careful process that will be explained in detail.

Once the olives have been crushed, all visitors will be given a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil from “Lo Canetà” and the excursion will come to an end.


Lo Canetà

Avda. Constitució, nº 31,
Canet lo Roig,
12350, Castelló

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