Lo Canetà receives the first prize for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Comunidad Valenciana

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Juanjo Martí and David Roca, from Lo Canetà, have already received the award that the jury of the 5th edition of the ESAO Awards granted them last March, a competition organised by the Escuela Superior del Aceite de Oliva (ESAO) and which in this edition has counted with the collaboration of the Comité de Agricultura Ecológica de la Comunitat Valenciana (CAECV).

The best organic olive oil in the Comunitat Valenciana is Lo Canetà, of the Regués variety, from traditional, thousand-year-old unirrigated olive groves located in the town of Canet lo Roig in Castellón. It is an oil of excellent quality, harvested at veraison and with a lot of personality, with marked bitter and spicy flavours.

The president of the CAECV, José Antonio Rico, was in charge of presenting this award, and stressed that “awards of this type are a good opportunity for people like Juanjo and David, as they have many more chances for their oils to be recognised anywhere”. Rico also wanted to highlight the importance of organic olive growing for oil in the Valencia Region, with 5,500 certified hectares and more than 70 different varieties registered.

Lo Canetà is a clear example of the evolution and pattern that has been taking place in the organic sector in recent years: young people joining the agricultural activity, following the family tradition, and helping to keep the most disadvantaged rural areas in the interior of our territory alive and active.

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