EVOO: what is it and what characteristics to look for?

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Have you ever heard or seen the acronym EVOO and have you stayed the same? Then it will interest you to know that, behind them, there is a whole world and a millenary culture. In this post we will go into more detail so that you can become an expert.

EVOO means “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. Generally, this type of oil is considered of high quality. Therefore, it is classified in a higher category. This delicious olive juice is produced in an oil mill.

Until recently, the term EVOO was only used by the experts of the union and / or the workers of the sector. However, it has been spreading until it reaches the ordinary citizen. That is, the potential consumer. Thus, EVOO is much more than just a word; it is a whole culture with a life of its own.

How to differentiate the quality of a good EVOO?

To get more than a Virgin Olive Oil and achieve the EXTRA denomination, you should know that these olives come from a type of superior quality olive grove. In addition, they must be the best for harvesting and must be carefully processed in the mill to later store the oil and package it in the best conditions of conservation (controlled temperature, absence of light …)

And who oversees giving the oil this final designation? An official tasting panel approved by the IOC – International Olive Council. By the way, in the Valencian Community we have one of the best in Spain. This entity assesses whether the oil meets the following requirements:

  1. Absence of defects
  2. The level of fruity, that is, the intensity of its aroma or perfume
  3. The levels of bitterness, spiciness, and sweetness, so that later the consumer can identify that unmistakable flavor: a perfect balance between its fruity, bitter and spicy flavor.

The previous control points are at the organoleptic level and, as if that were not enough, they are complemented with a physicochemical analysis where important point such as:

  1. Acidity level: the lower the acidity of the oil, the higher its intrinsic quality (to be Extra, it can be 0.8 at most)
  2. 0% refining: lindustrial processes artificially adjust the acidity of the oil, adding chemical compounds and removing free fatty acids.
  3. 0% mixtures of other oils

So, we can be sure that the long-awaited virginity of a good EVOO is preserved, full of polyphenols and vitamins naturally present in the juice. This makes the oil maintain the maximum nutritional and sensory value.

  • Other distinctions: the variety and the state of maturity of the fruit, the color, the weather and / or the type of crop will be decisive.

In short, we must bear in mind that the EVOO name is a unique term with differentiated attributes. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is synonymous with health and, at Lo Canetà, we want to continue offering the best in each of our products. If you want to enjoy a unique experience or surprise your loved ones, do not forget to visit our online store, where you will find a wide variety of top-quality oils.